The School Herald is a News Notification platform.

With it, subscriber schools have access to a website dedicated to their newspaper where content can be created and managed. You also get your very own mobile app (iPhone/iPad and Android) available to your school at no charge.  Every time you publish a news article, the app instantly sends a notification to smart phone users.

The Benefits?

Fast. Everyone is kept up to date with the latest happenings in your school and community. Not only can you use this app to publish newspaper articles, but calendar events, and even emergency notifications.

Easy. Once you are ready to get started, we can quickly get you up and running. Your newspaper will be easy for administrators and students to add content, edit content, and publish for the world to see.

Safe. Student reporters can be given direct access to the web-based content creation system to write their content and manage images.  However only the faculty editor or administrator can publish an article, making it available to the public website and app users.

Custom. The School Herald app is customizable on many levels, ask us how we can make your newspaper special!

Cost Saving. Printing can be expensive, especially for larger schools with larger student bodies. You can also print too many, or be subject to additional costs if there are mistakes. Our goal is to save you money!

GREEN! Your school newspaper can now be green by going completely digital! Aren’t you tired of seeing discarded newspapers littering the floor at the end of the school day?


Who Created the School Herald?

The School Herald was created by Modern Media Software .  We saw a need for such a program in our own children’s schools. Modern Media Software is a web, mobile, and custom software company based in the Cleveland area. We love kids, we love teachers and coaches, and would like to get to know you.  Contact us and find out how we can help improve your school newspaper program, and your school’s communication in the process.