By  Jordan Schach

Project Earth: Congratulations to Peterson and the Cummings family for winning the Rake Out Raffle! The members of Project Earth raked these yards the second week of November. All the profits made from the raffles benefit the funds of Project Earth. Thanks to anyone that participated!!

Team Africa: Or Culture Club, which ever way you want to recognize it, is off to a great start! There are many new members attending this year which makes it all the more fun. Mrs. Beirne is still deciding on a date to do the bonding retreat. And also is planning the day where we go to a refugee school to help those with education. Both of these events will be inspirational and beneficial to all that participate! See you Thursday morning!

Key Club: Key Club has had a fantastic start to the year. Including the COSI Fall Rally on Sunday November 4th and the Eliminate Project. The Eliminate Project helped over 1000 mothers
get the MNT vaccination to save their babies and their own lives. Thank you for all the classes that brought in money, and congratulations to the classroom who won the Chipotle party!


New Club!  Teens for Equality          Gay Straight Alliance:  Moderator: Ms. Balas  Meets every Wednesday after school in room 106.  All are welcome!