By: Katie Randazzo


New this year to the Thespian Troupe is Ms. Maryann Nagel, as moderator. She comes with a professional resume in theatre, television, film and radio across the country. “I’m thrilled to be here, as I grew up in Bay Village two doors to the east of the High School! I hope to offer a professional aspect to the Spring Musical as well as connect the Thespian Troupe with other professionals. My experience so far with the Thespian Troupe has been extremely positive.”

Ms. Nagel invites all students, whether athletes, artists or anyone who just wants to have fun, to join the troupe and l

Thespian officers Katie Randazzo, Elliott Snyder, Jackson Brothers, Liz Tomcho, new moderator, Ms. Nagel

earn about theatre at the same time. Recently, the Thespian Troupe had their Talent Show, which was highly successful. Ms. Maryann was at the helm and offered some new methods of performance. The Troupe looks forward to an  exciting year of new ideas with Ms. Nagel.