Who started this club? Eric McDonald (Junior) decided to start this club due to his interest in computers, program and technology. 

Why did he start it? There was nothing offered at the school involving programming and there was no clubs that focus on computer science. Additionally, this club is a great way to incorporate computer science programs into Bay High.

When and where does Tech Club meet? Tech Club meets in the LIC. For times and dates they are meeting you have to listen to the announcements or check out the website: http://bayhightechclub.atspace.cc/

What do you even do in this club? This club will focus on technology and exploring careers in technology and computer science. We will take field trips to visit different places that use different types of technology. Actually, next week on the 28th they are going to visit Key Bank and learn more about how technology is used throughout their building. Additionally, we are planning to have speakers to come in and talk about different career options involving technology, programming and computer science. 

We have to thank Eric for taking time to explain this club he has been developing for the past year and working to make it a real thing. If you have any questions please feel free to consult Eric or just check out the website which is currently a work in progress and will grow as the club develops more.