I’m sure everyone has heard the announcements, read wonderfully by Mr. E, reminding students about auditions for the fall play. Well the results are in, and production is underway! In my opinion, the cast wonderfully mixes grade levels and talents to create what seems like will be an amazing show. Brad Beverley, stage manager says, “I’m excited to see what the young members can do. we have a lot of underclassmen, and I know they’ll be fantastic.”
The production for the Bay High fall play 2015 is, drum roll please, Little Women! I know, it sounds dry at first glance; it was a book that seems like it was written a century ago (a little over actually, 1868 by Louisa May Alcott), but it really is a riveting story. Free-spirited Jo (Kerry O’Brien) lives with her sisters Meg (Tiffany Parks), Beth (Christina Randazzo), and Amy (Hope Beatty) along with their mother Marmee (Carolyn Carter). Their father (Phil Lally) is currently serving in the Civil War as a Union chaplain.
Jo, our main character, is constantly feeling like a boy trapped in women’s world and struggles to cope that she can’t always do the things she wants to do under the careful watch of her old aunt March (Salem Stacey). A riveting romance soon takes hold as Laurie (CJ Hyland) develops certain feelings for the rambunctious Jo, but other sisters might be attracted to the charming fellow who has been tossed into their mix of Little Women. Romance, deception, sickness, departure, and sorrow are constantly being interchanged, and on top of all this, Jo is trying to discover who she is and how she fits in as a supposed little woman.
After reading this synopsis, I asked the girl I babysit if she would come to the bay high school and see this production. She replied, “Yes! It reminds me of me and my siblings because they always gang up on me!” She asked me how the old the characters are; I responded, “I can look it up,” and I found the answer to be from 12-16 years of age. “Oh cool!” She replied enthusiastically! Hopefully, she’ll love the acting as much as the sets that have been designed to create a 1800s parlor look.
With Ms. Srsen on deck, Mr. Roman on set, and Ms. Frick as director, it’s going to be an amazing show! So come see us on Saturday, October 17 at 7:00 pm, and be punctual! Wouldn’t want old grouchy Aunt March yelling at you for tardiness!