There is no doubt that many clubs at Bay High School are worth joining. Between Key Club, Team Africa, Science Club, and many others, it’s hard to find one that’s right for you! Also, many clubs require sign ups in the very beginning of the year, and that time has come and passed. Do you still want to be involved? Do you want an activity that will stimulate your brain, but also be fun and competitive? Speech Team might just be the club for you!
Speech Team has been founded by Carolyn Carter, who brought the idea when she moved here from Kentucky this year. Speech Team is a club where you learn to perform 10 minute monologues, and then go compete with other schools at conferences. Scared of a 10 minute monologue? It’s much easier than it sounds; even I could memorize one! Don’t think you can perform? Through Carolyn’s guidance and team support, you will learn just what to do. Speech team can teach you how to memorize and give speeches in front of audiences. It can also be a creative outlet for any student. There are many different options of monologues to explore, such as humorous, dramatic, declaratory, duos, and even poetic. So, come on down on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays to Mr. Slanina’s room (101) to get more information, meet a couple members, and ask your questions. Hope to see you there!