Bay High School recently started a new program run by Mr. Ereditario. This program is part of a larger set of programs called Positive Behavior Intervention Support. The program at our school works when teachers observe acts of kindness or good behavior by a student, then writes down the act on a form and gives it to Mr. E. Then he calls the student into his office and tells them what the teacher observed. Next,their parents are called to tell them what a great job the student is doing. This program is all about recognizing and rewarding good behavior in hopes that it will encourage more good behavior from all the students. “Hundreds of students make good choices here at school and at home, and they never receive recognition,” according to Mr. E. Plus, this program builds up students and it rewards high quality charactersitics. It is part of the BHS core values which include: respect for self, school, and community; to act safely, kindly, and fairly; and to accept self, challenges, and others. So far, about 10 students have been observed with admirable behavior.