Bay High choirs performed their new songs on Wednesday, May 23, at 7:00pm at the Bay High auditorium. There was four different major groups performing; freshman choir, treble choir, a capella choir, and choraleers choir. There are 2 non-auditioned groups; freshman and all girls treble choir. The other two are auditioned; a capella has over 90 students and choraleers has 16 students. This was a major concert for the choirs because they honored their seniors. Director, Devon Gess, says, “I thought it went so well. I was proud of all of our singers, and I think it was a very memorable and wonderful concert for all.” Mrs. Gess continues to support all her students in and out of class. Maggie Allan, a junior who has been apart of the choir program for three years, says this about the next concert, “My favorite song we sang is ¨With a Lily in Your Hand¨, It is a very intense song that took us a lot of time to perfect.¨ Maggie will be continuing to be a part of a capella choir her senior year. The choir and class of 2018 performed their last concert of the year.