In the past years, Mrs McFarland’s sewing classes here at Bay High School, made quilts for cancer patients as part of their grade. This year, it’s dresses for children in Africa.
The dress only consists of a pillow case, some elastic and binding and that’s it. First, the bottom part of the pillowcase is cut off, then you cut the arm holes. For the neck line, you attach elastic to the open side of the pillow case and cover it up with binding, but leave extra on the sides to tie a knot. In the end, you can add some ruffles or decorations and only in a few steps you made a dress. It couldn’t be easier to fulfill such a basic need for everybody with such little time and effort.
Most students finished this quickly, but to receive the full grade, Mrs McFarland demands decorations and applications so that the children receive unique and beautiful dresses. The finished results are hanging in the big showcase by the main entrance.
Since the students didn’t only use plain white pillowcases, there are many unique designs of colors and patterns, and it’s all for a good cause.