By Emily Frindt

On Friday, August 31st, the students at Bay High School had their first pep rally of the year, celebrating the fall sports teams and the first home football game.  The marching band welcomed the student body into the gym with their upbeat set of songs for the game. The lights then went out as a spotlight was shone on the announced teams.  The accomplishments of the teams were acknowledged, along with when their next game or event would be. 

Next, the 12th grade football players and Rockettes put on a dance that no one will forget; (skirts were required for everyone!)

Then, it was time for games.  Four kids from each grade were chosen to play human hungry hippos, gathering balloons instead of marbles while rolling around the gym. The seniors gathered an impressive one balloon… and lost.  The other grades tied for first place. Staff joined the next game, in which the first player to find bubble gum in a bowl of whipped cream and blow a bubble won. Mr. Dougherty was victorious after a short amount of time.

This fall pep rally was a way to welcome students back to school, and to welcome new students to Bay High.  According to our Athletic Director, Mr. Spellman, “The Pep Assembly is a great way to get the student body up and excited for the start of the fall season and also for the start of school.  A great group of senior leadership has stepped up to plan the assembly and we are looking forward to another high energy, high participation assembly.”