By Hannah Lehane

Awaiting the city wide parade and the homecoming game against Holy Name, students made their way to the auditorium after their fourth block class for the school-wide pep assembly. Students took seats next to their friends who they somehow met up with through the very crowded gym hallway. The room was filled with decorations, balloons, streamers, and of course a red carpet on stage for the royal court. The band and Rockettes made a special appearance, performing dances throughout the assembly.

As the assembly began, a woman who went to Bay High began to speak about her experience in the late 1960s. Her speech gave us an insight into what it was like at our school over 50 years ago. But because the auditorium was filled with over 800 teenagers, it became quite noisy and you could definitely see many white screens from each seat.

However, when Taylor Brand began to announce the royal court, our attention was caught again. Congratulations Annie Spies and Anthony Stiegelmeyer for taking the crown! All the publicity and campaigning paid off. The crowd was very excited for the winners considering you could have probably heard them from outside the school. As the assembly came to an end, the tradition continued with the senior slideshow. Filled with memories from their childhood, the slideshow lets the school see how much they have grown and lets the senior class see their fun times with classmates growing up. The slideshow is also a very bittersweet tradition, causing the seniors to realize that it is their last year at the high school. As the final bell rang dismissing the students, the football players went to go prepare for the number one attended football game of the season and the students began getting excited for the amazing weekend to come!