by Emily Frindt

Bay High takes homecoming pretty seriously, as most schools do.  It is a time for alumni to come back to their hometown, and for current students to enjoy our schools traditions.  Along with the football game and parade that so many look forward to, the week leading up to this event is just as exciting for the students.  That’s right- it’s spirit week!

This year, our spirit week themes were ‘Merica Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Where Are We Wednesday, Light the Night Thursday, and Bay Spirit Friday.  It seemed that most students participated on these days, some making an impressive effort. Themes were not only reflected in students’ outfits, but also in the music played over the PA system.  “Rocket Radio” provided music in between classes according to the theme.

In the cafeteria, activities were organized to add to the fun.  There was a saltine cracker eating contest on Thursday, and a fruit rollup race on Friday.  Volunteers participated in these contests, and everyone got a prize; free food.

Julianna Reising, a junior here at Bay High, described this week as follows: “I like that everyone gets to dress up, and it really unifies the whole school.”  Spirit week gives us something to look forward to and talk about. Dressing up is fun for us, and it also shows school pride. The participation in spirit week showed how committed our student body is to “One Rocket Nation,” and really does unify the school in this way.