by Evelyn LaPolla

Our superintendent came to the high school so that I could interview her. It was an amazing opportunity and she had some insightful answers.

Evelyn Lapolla: Do you ever feel pressured by social media or other schools to call a snow day?
Jodie Hausmann: I am not influenced by social media when I am looking to call a snow days, (sorry your twitter post won’t help us at all) but I do communicate with the other school districts superintendents to see what they plan on doing for the given day.
EL: What is your opinion on the new library that will be built in Bay soon?
JH: I’m really excited about it, I think the new library will be a great thing for the community. I’ve always loved the library. I even worked at a library when my kids were young.
EL: When it comes to having phones in class, what is your stance on the topic?
JH: While phones are a great tool to be able to take advantage of in class, there definitely has to be a balance. I expect the teachers to set up fair rules about using phones in class.
EL: From your experience in other schools how is Bay different?
JH: From all the schools I’ve worked at in the past I think that Bay Village does a great job balancing academic and social lives for the kids.
EL: How is Bay similar?
JH: The biggest similarity I can think of when it comes to the schools, is that kids are kids everywhere. It really is that simple.
EL: And is there anything else you would like to say in the paper?
JH: I love that we have a newspaper here at the highschool! I love that it’s just another resource for the students to learn about the events going on at the school.