by Emily Frindt

On the night of Saturday, March 16, a disco ball hung from the cafeteria ceiling. Around a hundred Bay High School students dressed in ‘70s and ‘80s fashion grooved to today’s hits. Snowco was a request from the students that finally became a reality, but will it come back? For some, it was amazing; for others, disappointing.
Snowco was very well organized, especially for an event planned only two months or so in advance. Shoes, jackets, and other belongings kept in the gym were assigned numbers so that they were easy to find. A special thank you to the volunteers who helped with this system.
There was music requested by the students, plenty of refreshments, party lights, and a disco ball. Student Council was also able to raise $2,300 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!
However, the dance’s attendance was somewhat underwhelming. On top of that, most of it was made up of freshman and sophomores. Closer to nine o’clock the energy in the cafeteria seemed to die. The majority of students left before the dance even ended.
Opinions on Snowco varied, as is the case for most dances. Most students interviewed said they enjoyed it. One sophomore said, “It was nice to have a fun celebration in the middle of the year.” Nevertheless, the attendance and early departure of most don’t reflect this. Considering these factors, one question remains. Will Snowco get another chance next year?