Is it hard to publish new content? Will my staff be able to use it?

This system uses one of the easiest, most widely used content management systems available. Your newspaper will be easy for administrators and students to add content, edit content, and publish for the world to see.


What about ipads, tablets?

Just like many other apps, the School Herald has versions for the iPad, iPad mini, and Android tablets.


What about computers?

The School Herald also provides a link to your schools page to display the content in a computer friendly format.  Schools can post the link on their website and users can click on the link and see all of the latest information on the news site.


Is it safe?

Only the faculty editor or administrator that you give permission to can publish an article, making it available to the public website and app users.  If you choose, student reporters can be given access to the web-based content creation system to write their content and manage images but it will NOT appear on the site until it is approved by your selected faculty editor or administrator.  You decide who can submit and you decide when it is released for people to see.


What is a “push notification”?

Push notifications are alerts that are instantly sent to your smart phone or tablet over an internet connection. They can be displayed in a number of ways, dependent on your operating system and user settings.