The School Herald offers affordable rates for schools with up to 3000 students* and budget-minded administrators.

Initial Set-Up & Installation Fee – $750* – INTRODUCTORY Setup $600

Ongoing Subscription Fee: $60 per month

Save Money & Pay Ahead: App & Website Cost Per Year – $600 (two months free) 
INTRODUCTORY Subscription Fee $500/yr



*For Schools with greater than 3000 students, or school systems, please contact us for pricing.


Let’s get Custom!

Looking to make your “School Herald” more special? We can customize your app as much (or as little) as you like. Customization fees do apply. We can work with you to make your newspaper special and part of the digital age. Here’s a list of just some of the custom services we provide:

Simple Logo Design –  $200

Complex Logo Design – $450

More Customized Skin (colors, background, etc.) – $200

Connect your Newspaper to Social Media (allows article shares and more…) – $200

Sell Advertising and provide “click through” reports – $10/month

Custom Web Address; for desktop viewing, readers will visit if you would like them to be able to visit, we can arrange that for you too! – $300


Sounds great, what do I need to Get Started?!


Now that I have my app, I need HELP!

Your newspaper website content is built on the world famous WordPress platform. This allows anyone at your school to easily add and edit content, the system is intuitive and offers suggestions to you to get you moving fast.

We provide video-based self-paced training modules to get you up and editing in 15 minutes.  Even our bosses 76 year old Dad can use this system (and he does).  The YouTube community also has hundreds of training videos for you to choose from.

Still not sure about your computer abilities? We can provide one-on-one webinar based crash-courses to administrators and student advisors to teach them how to use this powerful – and empowering – tool.

WordPress Lessons – $150 per hour

Not ready to publish articles on your own?

We can publish your articles for you (digital copy must be provided). $10 per article.