Why Use The School Herald?

Communication is key. 

Improving communication is important.  The School Herald provides a fast, fun and green way to communicate with your schools’ students, families and staff. Not only can you use this to publish newspaper articles, but calendar events, and even emergency notifications.  It’s up to you.

Students say “If it’s not online, it’s a waste of time”

Everyone looks to the web for information.  There is a lot of information out there and it’s hard to ‘fish’ for what is new.  The School Herald not only provides an easy to use way to put your content on-line but also gives you a way to let everyone know it’s there, to tell them it’s new, and let them know it’s time to go read it!

Green is the new black … and white

Reducing waste is the right thing to do.  Printing costs are high.  School districts are working to be more green and promote sustainable values.  Your school will be able to reduce or eliminate the costs of printing their school paper while taking steps to clean up some of the paper and do something “green” for the community.

“Notifying Users” is the direction technology has moved

If you have used a smart phone app, you probably have answered this question when you installed it “Do you want to receive push notifications?”.  The School Herald using this technology to let the app user know there is something new they should look at.  This is how your school will let the users know there is something new to read.

Why Utilize Smartphones?

It’s pretty obvious, but worth noting that experts say: 89% of smartphone users use their phones throughout the day. Smart phones are in most students and parents hands and the number of people with smart phones is only increasing.

It’s Professional

Your students will have the opportunity to publish content on a professional website and have that content accessed through apps.  College’s today boast of providing experience writing for the web, blogging and using content management systems for the web.  Your programs will be able to provide these experiences for your students. Or, if you rather not start with that, there is an easy to use content management system your staff will be able to utilize to quickly and easily publish new content.